Your Project Advisor has the eDiscovery experience you need to leverage analytics at every stage in your case—from Digital Forensics through Early Case Assessment through Processing through Review—to cut down on the volume of documents and craft the best review strategy.

AI/TAR Consulting and Investigation Services

AI/TAR Consulting and Investigation Services

Acorn’s specialty is Artificial Intelligence and Technology Assisted Review. Our team has worked with these technologies for 7 years, across many platforms, and on numerous landmark cases. We have been invited to speak on AI and TAR at ILTA , ACEDS , WiE, and various Bar Associations and Universities.

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One-Off Large Litigation Events: Custom Project Solutions

Fully Managed eDiscovery Solutions

For clients who can’t justify the expense of advanced in-house eDiscovery software or dedicated eDiscovery technology expertise, we provide fully managed eDiscovery solutions. Typically, for these types of services, we work with mid-size national law firms, regional powerhouse law firms and mid-size corporate legal departments.

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Data Hosting

One-Off Large Litigation Events: Custom Project Solutions

For law firms who have robust in-house solutions for transactional eDiscovery needs, but want to use an outside provider to manage large, complex matters that require operating outside the firm’s standard eDiscovery processes, we offer a la carte eDiscovery services.

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Expertise and one-on-one support go hand in hand with client success.

  • “Before working with Acorn, I was extremely down on active learning. But, working with their team and technology amazed me. I was shocked about what the software was able to pick up.”

    Legal Attorney Litigation Support Law Firm Nicole Graham, Attorney at Korein Tillery

  • “Acorn basically works as an extension of our team. They know all our stuff so well that when out of office, Acorn’s team can step in and cover for me in a litigation support capacity and work with my attorneys directly.”

    Legal Attorney Litigation Support Law Firm Sandra Rogers, Litigation Support at Stites & Harbinson

  • “The staff at Acorn Legal Solutions is wonderful to work with on e-discovery matters. They respond quickly to all my questions and requests. Whether I’m trying to figure out the quickest or the most economical way to handle a document review/production or have a question regarding the best way to run a search in Relativity, they listen and provide valuable feedback. The work done by Josh Treat and his team make my life much easier and less stressful. I recommend Acorn Legal to anyone looking for an e-discovery vendor.”

    Legal Attorney Litigation Support Law Firm Heather root, Litigation Paralegal at Miller Johnson

  • “Using key documents from our review, we used Analytics to prioritize newly received documents. Acorn guided us through the process quickly and efficiently.”

    Legal Attorney Litigation Support Law Firm Principal at Janet, Jenner & Suggs, LLC

  • “We had previously tried using TAR and we wasted a bunch of time and money because our provider didn’t realize that scanned documents were going to jam up the model. The worst part was they knew about the poor data at the outset of the case.”

    Legal Attorney Litigation Support Law Firm Scott at Warner Norcross + Judd

  • “We were interested in doing a proof of concept around some AI Tools. Working with Acorn, they pro-actively communicated to me which dataset would be most effective with AI / TAR. Their expertise provided valuable insights and an overall better understanding of how these tools can be utilized and applied”

    Legal Attorney Litigation Support Law Firm Cindy McBean at Honigman

  • “Acorn always understands the bigger picture of what we are trying to accomplish. Due to their excellent upfront communications and processes, we never have to surprise our clients with an unexpected bill. They have an unmatched understanding of how their work integrates into our legal practice.”

    Legal Attorney Litigation Support Law Firm Jason Crow, Member at Miller Johnson

  • “A special shout out to Tracey. I was dealing with another vendor, selected by the client and foisted upon me, and it made me appreciate her efforts leading cases even more than I always do. When things pick up, Tracey is always on the mark and solution oriented. I’m confident we will work together again.”

    Legal Attorney Litigation Support Law Firm Michael Leigh, Attorney at Kaplan Johnson Abate & Bird

  • “Josh is definitely the kind of PM you want on your team. I’ve been in the industry for quite a while and unfortunately his skillset is becoming harder to find. It was a pleasure working with the rest of Acorn’s team as well. Their responsiveness definitely made a huge impact on the team and was greatly valued. This project has established a knowledge of the services their offer and their reliability. We keep them in mind for all future projects.”

    Legal Attorney Litigation Support Law Firm Wes McDougald, Project Manager at William & Connolly

  • “Acorn’s team is the most responsive people we have ever worked with. Their ability to be available to work all hours of the night and day provides a level of service that is hard to come by. They hold themselves to the same standards we would hold any of our own team.”

    Legal Attorney Litigation Support Law Firm Jessica Brinkner, Litigation Support at Miller Johnson

  • “I really like this software [NexLP’s StoryEngine]. I’m a very visual person, and it saves me from hunting and pecking for specific documents. This software automatically aggregates actors, chronologies and timelines.”

    Legal Attorney Litigation Support Law Firm Christine Carrino, Associate at Godfrey Kahn

  • “In my experience, Josh Treat and his team at Acorn Legal Solutions are very responsive and knowledgeable about all aspects of Relativity. On a number of occasions we have given them very short turnaround times or tricky requests and Acorn was able to meet those turnaround times and handle the tricky requests.”

    Legal Attorney Litigation Support Law Firm Chris Bojar, Litigation Support Manager at Barack Ferrazzano