Great service comes from deep experience, and our Project Advisors have the skills needed to help you get the best end results:

Tracey Oldenburg Director of eDiscovery at Acorn Legal Solutions

Tracey Oldenburg,
Director of eDiscovery

30 Years of Experience

Phone: 616‐389‐2620

Josh Treat Director Advanced Analytics at Acorn Legal Solutions

Josh Treat,
Director of Advanced Analytics

20 Years of Experience

Phone: 616‐622‐4474

Jeff Hudson Director of Professional Services at Acorn Legal Solutions

Jeff Hudson,
Director of Professional Services

17 Years of Experience

Phone: 312‐281‐5160

Amanda Cook Senior Project Advisor at Acorn Legal Solutions

Amanda Cook,
Senior Project Advisor

13 Years of Experience

Phone: 312‐604‐2219

Zef Deda Business Development Manager at Acorn Legal Solutions

Zef Deda,
Business Development Manager

4 Years of Experience

Phone: 586‐261‐2214


Lia Majid Chief Executive Officer at Acorn Legal Solutions

Lia Majid,
Chief Executive Officer

Evan Persky Chief Financial Officer at Acorn Legal Solutions

Evan Persky,
Chief Financial Officer

Sein Fong Operations Analyst Account Clerk at Acorn Legal Solutions

Sein Fong,
Operations Analyst / Accounting Clerk

Luke Riddle Sales and Marketing Analyst at Acorn Legal Solutions

Luke Riddle,
Sales and Marketing Analyst


Project Advisors

Are you willing to be available and immediately responsive to customers at all hours, night and day?

Do you have your RCA or are confident you can pass within your first year with us?

Do you possess deep eDiscovery technology experience?

Are you intellectually curious and stay on top of the latest in legal technology?

Acorn Legal Solutions Project Management Team

Acorn Legal Solutions Project Management Team


Are you passionate about helping legal professionals get better results with eDiscovery?

Do you love working as part of a team to get the best results for our customers together?

Do you stay up on the latest developments in eDiscovery technology and law?

Are you confident enough to listen to our customers and their needs rather than just talk?

If you can answer “yes” to all of these questions, please look at our available Job Openings.