For clients who want to explore how to incorporate these technologies into their eDiscovery operations or legal practice, we offer several solutions:

  1. Our team of experts can conduct investigations, resulting in details and insight earlier in the case than previously available, at a fraction of the cost of full review.
  2. Your Project Advisor can design the system for you to “teach” the software. This automates the review process, saving money, driving faster insight, and avoiding inadvertent privilege disclosures.
  3. We can create customized models tailored to litigation types or privilege considerations, allowing you to reuse your existing work product.

“We were interested in doing a proof of concept around some AI Tools. Working with Acorn, they pro-actively communicated to me which dataset would be most effective with AI / TAR. Their expertise provided valuable insights and an overall better understand of how these tools can be utilized and applied”

– Cindy McBean, Litigation Support Manager, Honigman

“A special shout out to Tracey. I was dealing with another vendor, selected by the client, and foisted upon me, and it made me appreciate her efforts leading cases even more than I always do. When things pick up, Tracey is always on the mark and solution-oriented. I’m confident we will work together again.”

– Michael Leigh, Attorney, Kaplan Johnson Abate & Bird


Designed for clients who can’t justify the expense of advanced in-house eDiscovery software or dedicated eDiscovery technology expertise. Typically, for these types of services, we work with mid-size national law firms, regional powerhouse law firms and mid-size corporate legal departments. We become your outsourced litigation support department and provide everything an internal eDiscovery Department would, at a fraction of the cost. Your highly certified, dedicated eDiscovery manager will provide consulting from the outset including: budgets, training, monthly updates on firm-wide or corporation-wide usage trends, and recommendations on best practices to drive eDiscovery efficiency. We can bill these services on an annual fixed-fee basis, or a project-by-project basis. Clients can elect to either use our software or infrastructure of their own.


For law firms who have robust in-house solutions for transactional eDiscovery needs, but want to use an outside provider to manage large, complex matters that require operating outside the firm’s standard eDiscovery processes, we offer a la carte eDiscovery services. Unlike most other providers, you will work with a single project manager from the beginning to end of the case, preventing miscommunications or unnecessary delays. Your project manager will provide advice at the outset of the case regarding where you can limit data volumes (and costs) and whether there are any technologies or tools that will allow the review to be conducted more efficiently. We offer solutions that include Relativity, Nuix, StoryEngine, iConect-Xera and Catalyst.

“Josh is definitely the kind of PM you want on your team. I’ve been in the industry for quite a while and unfortunately his skillset is becoming harder to find. It was a pleasure working with the rest of Acorn’s team as well. Their responsiveness definitely made a huge impact on the team and was greatly valued. This project has established a knowledge of the services they offer and their reliability. We keep them in mind for all future projects.”

– Wes McDougald, Project Manager, William & Connolly

Acorn Legal Solutions Data Hosting Center


To make sure your data is always secure, we put our data center in a super-secure nuclear bunker.

Our data center features 18-inch concrete walls, 2 primary power lines, 7 back-up generators and is designed to exceed standards for Category 5 hurricanes. Just getting in requires getting past 24×7 security coverage with biometric palm readers and video surveillance.

All data to and from the clients internet browsers is encrypted via 128 bit certificates once the user hits the Acorn login screens. All backup data is fully encrypted using AES 256 and SSL key-based encryption both during transmission and at rest, both on the local backup appliance and in Cloud storage. All data transferred using FTP is transferred using FTP over SSL protocols. Acorn also offers eTransfer which is a HIPAA compliant file transfer application that uses encryption via SSL, AES-256 file level encryption while in transmission, and the file is hash checked prior to sending and after the application receives the files.