Analytics at every stage in your case


For clients who want to incorporate these technologies into their eDiscovery operations or legal practice, we offer several solutions: 1. Our team of experts can conduct investigations, resulting in details and insight earlier in the case than previously available, at a fraction of the cost of full review. 2. Your Project Advisor can design the system to automate the review process, saving money, driving faster insight, and avoiding inadvertent privilege disclosures.

“We were interested in doing a proof of concept around some AI Tools. Working with Acorn, they pro-actively communicated to me which dataset would be most effective with AI / TAR. Their expertise provided valuable insights and an overall better understand of how these tools can be utilized and applied”

– Cindy McBean, Litigation Support Manager, Honigman

“A special shout out to Tracey. I was dealing with another vendor, selected by the client, and foisted upon me, and it made me appreciate her efforts leading cases even more than I always do. When things pick up, Tracey is always on the mark and solution-oriented. I’m confident we will work together again.”

– Michael Leigh, Attorney, Kaplan Johnson Abate & Bird


Designed for clients who can’t justify the expense of advanced in-house eDiscovery software or dedicated eDiscovery technology expertise. We provide everything an internal eDiscovery Department would, at a fraction of the cost. Your highly certified, dedicated eDiscovery manager will provide consulting from the outset including: budgets, training, monthly updates on firm-wide or corporation-wide usage trends, and recommendations on best practices to drive eDiscovery efficiency. We can bill these services on an annual fixed-fee basis, or a project-by-project basis.


For law firms who have robust in-house solutions for transactional eDiscovery needs, but want to use an outside provider to manage large, complex matters that require operating outside the firm’s standard eDiscovery processes, we offer a la carte eDiscovery services. Unlike most other providers, you will work with a single project manager from the beginning to end of the case. Your project manager will provide advice at the outset of the case regarding where you can limit data volumes (and costs).

“Josh is definitely the kind of PM you want on your team. I’ve been in the industry for quite a while and unfortunately his skillset is becoming harder to find. It was a pleasure working with the rest of Acorn’s team as well. Their responsiveness definitely made a huge impact on the team and was greatly valued. This project has established a knowledge of the services they offer and their reliability. We keep them in mind for all future projects.”

– Wes McDougald, Project Manager, William & Connolly


We keep your data secure with RelativityOne, built on Microsoft Azure – the most secure cloud on the market. It meets more than 90 international and industry-specific compliance standards, such as ISO 27001; SOC 2, Type II; HIPAA; and FedRAMP, and is monitored 24/7 by a global cybersecurity team.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How does eDiscovery work?
When you’re working on the discovery phase of litigation, you may be looking for hundreds of thousands of files that could be relevant to your case. Acorn uses Relativity software to collect Electronically Stored Information (ESI) from multiple locations, whether that’s an email account, text messages on a phone, shared Microsoft Office files, or Microsoft Teams. The software seamlessly provides you with the package of information relevant to the information you need for your trial.
Who would I generally work with?
When working with an eDiscovery platform like Acorn, you will be assigned a designated project manager to work with you throughout the entire discovery process. Our project managers are highly certified in Relativity software, with over 31 years of eDiscovery experience, and can help you choose the right solutions for your needs. Your Project Manager will provide consulting from the outset, assisting with budgets, training, monthly updates on firm-wide or corporation-wide usage trends, and recommendations on best practices to drive eDiscovery efficiency.
Why should I use Relativity over a different platform? 
When you’re dealing with large amounts of data, especially sensitive personal information, trying to organize it among multiple systems can easily become messy. RelativityOne handles collection and production all in one, and is known for its ease of use and unparalleled security. Its powerful performance is backed by AI technology to get data insights quickly. With RelativityOne, all of your data will be stored in the cloud and will be kept safe through Microsoft Azure and the highest compliance standards, such as ISO 27001; SOC 2, Type II; HIPAA; and FedRAMP.
Why should I use an eDiscovery vendor over a self-service solution?
The decision to work with an eDiscovery vendor over a self-service solution can depend on the scope, complexity, and time frame of your discovery process. With a large case involving a significant amount of documents, working with an eDiscovery vendor can save you time by quickly collecting and organizing your data. If you’re working on a more elaborate case, or working on multiple cases at once, you may benefit from an eDiscovery vendor who can provide advice and consultation on best practices.
Why is eDiscovery so expensive?
A common myth about eDiscovery is that it is expensive, but when you consider the technical expertise needed to do it effectively, the time it would take to do on your own, and the security risks if done incorrectly, eDiscovery costs much less than you’d think. It’s very important to address the value of your time, because the hours it would take to collect and review data on your own can be countless. In the legal field, it’s not uncommon to need to produce a document within a matter of minutes, but trying to do this without eDiscovery software could take hours, which often isn’t plausible in this industry.
What is the process of working with an eDiscovery vendor?
Once you’ve decided to work with an eDiscovery vendor like Acorn, our project managers will first advise you on collections methods to securely obtain your data. Next, they will assess all of your electronically-stored information (ESI) and advise you on the best practices and solutions to manage your data. Once you’ve decided on a workflow that fits your needs, budget and timeline, your project manager will provide you training on how to access RelativityOne. From there, they will assist in searching, review and production of your data, providing eDiscovery insights and guidance throughout each phase.