The RelativityOne Experience

Over the last several years, many industries have shifted toward cloud solutions for the benefits of scale and performance, improved security, and rapid innovation. While we remain focused on ensuring the success of our Relativity Server customers with a focus on stability, simplified maintenance and updates, and feature enhancements, the unique capabilities of the cloud enable us to deliver a game-changing experience within RelativityOne.


The below table outlines key differences in the RelativityOne experience as compared to Server.


Relativity Server

RelativityOne takes every precaution to protect your data in a secure system, monitored 24/7 by a team of top security experts.
  • Built on Microsoft Azure, the most secure cloud on the market.
  • ISO 27001, SOC-2 Type II, HIPAA, and FedRAMP compliant
On-premises technology has limitations that do not enable the same proactive approach to security.
  • You are dependent on your service provider’s upgrade cycle
  • It is the responsibility of your service provider to apply patches
The cloud enables unparalleled scale, speed,
and monitoring.
  • RelativityOne can be leveraged on projects of any size – from small internal investigations to the largest, most complex matters in the world
  • Median document load times of 0.22 seconds
  • You have full control over your job queue to
    prioritize your most important work
As a Server customer, you are limited by the
infrastructure buildout of your service provider – and whether they optimize for peak or average usage. As a result, Server customers may experience:
  • Up to 10x slower document load times
  • Performance monitoring limitations
  • Limited control over job queues
Feature Set & Product Experience
Cloud technology enables us to iterate faster and deliver certain functionality that can’t be replicated for an on-premises solution. Examples include:
  • Collect in RelativityOne for remote data collections
  • Redact in RelativityOne to automate redactions
  • Activity and utilization dashboards that help you maximize your subscription and protect your data
  • RelativityOne mobile app
While delivering ongoing feature enhancements to Server is a key component of RelativityOne’s strategy, these features are deployed on annual cadence.
Depending on your service provider, you could be missing years’ worth of innovation in the platform.
Workflow Automation
Save time by removing manual steps while also reducing human error with cloud-enabled automation across the platform:
  • Automation of critical steps including case set up and analytics with Automated Workflows
  • Integrated automated redaction capabilities with Redact in RelativityOne
Due to limitations in Server, the same automation capabilities can’t be built in.
This means you have to take more manual actions which require significant administrative overhead and are subject to human error.
Business Continuity & Independence
Access any of the 11 globally available RelativityOne data centers, so you can operate where your clients are to help them tackle their most complex cases.
  • All RelativityOne geographies run the same version with the latest features and fixes
  • Highly available with built-in backups/disaster recovery
  • Vendor access is completely controlled by the firm
  • Access can be granted and revoked at the push of a button
It’s difficult to create a cohesive global experience when managing installations across the world.
  • Every Server installation is different – a unique mix of infrastructure choices and upgrade decisions
  • Your service provider determines availability and disaster recovery
  • Changing your service provider requires large-scale migrations
Strategic Direction
Cloud-based solutions are quickly becoming the standard in our industry, and RelativityOne continues to be Relativity’s fastest growing product.
  • RelativityOne is focused on delivering fast-paced innovation that takes advantage of the unique capabilities of the cloud to set you up for success – now and in the future
Relativity Server strategy is anchored in three goals:
  • Stability
  • Simplified maintenance and updates
  • Feature enhancements
While Relativity remains invested in supporting existing Server customers, they are no longer selling direct licenses based on the growth and success of RelativityOne.