Litigation, investigations, compliance – with RelativityOne, your team can accomplish anything. RelativityOne is the industry’s most powerful platform, now wrapped in a next-generation user interface.

One-Off Large Litigation Events: Custom Project Solutions

Best in class security

In today’s ever-evolving threat landscape, keeping your data secure takes around-the-clock protection that’s tough to maintain. And when a cyberattack happens, the cost to your company will be widespread and unpredictable—from millions of dollars in fines and expenses to long-lasting reputational damage.

  • Built on Microsoft Azure, which meets more than 90 international and industry-specific compliance standards, such as ISO 27001; SOC 2, Type II; HIPAA; and FedRAMP.

  • In-house security team proactively investigates trends and events 24/7 to stay ahead of the adversaries.

  • Cull through millions of events to identify suspicious or anomalous behavior.

  • Protect against insider threats with user and entity behavior analytics and profiling.

  • Monitor the dark web, hacker forums, and our own networks and systems for potential threats and vulnerabilities.

  • Conduct internal and third-party vulnerability assessments to identify weaknesses.

The new capabilities and performance of RelativityOne allowed us to preserve significant time and resources from our matters. Alongside Acorn’s expertise, RelativityOne now meets all of our security standards required with today’s evolving universe of data.”

Legal Ops Manager, Corporate Legal Department
Data Hosting

Aero UI

Aero UI is the next-generation user interface for RelativityOne. Aero UI makes it easy for any user to get into RelativityOne and get to work right away – all users can feel confident in the software, while preserving the power you need to conduct e-discovery. Aero UI is a collection of updates to the user experience including new features and functionality that improve how you interact with the software.

  • A data-driven, platform-wide focus on UX modernizes the experience and enables any user to instantly feel confident in RelativityOne.

  • A rearchitected viewer built with a “simply powerful” UX philosophy makes reviewing and acting on documents easier and faster than ever.

  • Designed to get you to what you need faster, RelativityOne delivers an improved tab navigation experience, reducing unnecessary clicks and decisions, so you have exactly what you need to accomplish your work.

  • RelativityOne delivers what you need at light-speed, whether you’re flying doc-to-doc, running batch operations, or moving across the platform.

  • With different triggers and actions, RelativityOne admins can create their own automated workflows, including templatizing them so new workspaces immediately begin automating.

“Having Acorn work hands-on with my team to not only train us on the new power behind RelativtyOne, but also how we can leverage that with advanced analytics, has been invaluable. Our matters have never run so smoothly and efficiently as they do now.”

Attorney, Regional Litigation Boutique

AI/TAR Consulting and Investigation Services

New Capabilities

RelativityOne Redact

  • The industry’s most comprehensive redaction capabilities – now automated and integrated into our simply powerful platform.

  • With RelativityOne Redact, you can apply location-based, term-based, or complex (RegEx, rules, etc.) image and native redactions over millions of pages.

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RelativityOne Collect

  • Collect cloud data directly into RelativityOne with a seamless and secure solution.

  • Collect provides the tools you need to get your most critical data into reviewers’ hands quickly and defensibly.

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