As a Relativity Certified Migration Specialist, we have developed proprietary tools and processes to ensure a smooth, seamless migration; delivered by experts with years of experience delivering successful migrations from SME to Fortune 500 environments.

Through a streamlined, defensible process, you won’t have to be concerned about the technical feasibility of moving data structures, staffing limitation and bandwidth, budget uncertainties, delays in the project timeline, or having downtime on active cases. 

Clients commonly used Acorn’s Migration Services when they have committed to moving to a new technology or to a cloud-based solution from an on-prem solution but they are concerned about one of the following:


1) Technical feasibility of migrating the data structures.


2) Capacity of their team to support a migration project.


3) Concerns around not knowing the costs, scope, or timeline associated with the migration project.


4) Maintaining access to data for active cases during a migration.

Considerations for eDiscovery Data Migrations:


> Are there any imminent litigation deadlines?

> What data types will be migrated?

> Can I migrate mid-deposition?

> Will I be able to access or maintain my original workspace through migration? 

> Do I have to manage and coordinate the migration myself?

> What will happen to my proprietary work product, SQL scripts, workflows, etc.?

> How long will I be unable to access my data?

> Is there a risk of data corruption?

> What happens if post-migration, my workspace isn’t how  it was before?

Acorn Offers Three Types of Migration Services:

Full Migration

(Relativity Server)

Adaptable migration schedule responsive to your litigation and uptime needs.


Limited downtime, performed over weekends.


Configuration of RelativityOne environment with account level templates.




2-6 weeks

Dependant on data volumes

Single Case


Availability for NO down time case migration.


Coordinate and manage process with current provider.


Fully test and validate new environment before decommission, no data integrity lost.


$1,000 – $3,000/ Case


1 day-2 weeks

Dependant on case needs


Full Migration

(Alternative Platforms)

Includes everything in Full Migration. Restructuring of data to ensure compatibility with RelativityOne. Data remediation, normalization and QC.

  • RelativityiPro 
  • EclipseConcordance
  • LexisNexis LAW
  • CS Disco
  • Nuix
  • Everlaw
  • Ringtail (Nuix Discover)
  • FTI Ringtail
  • Summation iBlaze
  • Summation Pro


Per Quote


Generally 1-8 weeks

Per Quote


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