One-Off Large Litigation Events: Custom Project Solutions

Integrate with Cloud Data Sources Directly

Optimized for the cloud, Collect provides the tools you need to get your most critical data into reviewers’ hands quickly and defensibly. With Collect, you can pull directly from the most popular enterprise technologies without ever leaving the cloud—so your data remains as secure as possible.

  • Track, monitor, and report on all your collections from one dashboard. Easily preserve Exchange mailboxes, SharePoint, and OneDrive files.

  • Collect from custodians remotely and globally without their knowledge or assistance.

  • Use robust filter criteria and only collect what you need.

  • Perform defensibly sound collections with detailed reporting and a complete audit trail.

  • Monitor collections in real time for insight into project status.

  • Easily process your collection directly to your review workspace.

Collect From These Cloud Services Today:

Collect From These Cloud Services Soon: