Translate in RelativityOne

As business operations become increasingly global, many of today’s matters include data in multiple languages. Translate in RelativityOne leverages AI to streamline multi-lingual reviews by quickly and securely translating documents in their native format directly in the solution.

Translate Native Documents Directly in RelativityOne. Translate large batches of documents and single documents on the fly in more than 100 languages in no time. Unlike other solutions, RelativityOne shows the translated documents in their native format, so you don’t lose the important context that comes with the format of the document.

Maximize Efficiency. With translation embedded directly into RelativityOne, the time it takes to translate documents can be reduced from days to minutes. Eliminate costly third-party tools and services. Translations happen in the background and automatically get imported back into RelativityOne, so you can focus on other work while your translations complete.

Decrease Risk. Reduce your use of external, third-party translation services. Translate in RelativityOne utilizes Microsoft’s enterprise translation API to retain data within the secure Azure boundary.