Tackle Your Toughest Data Challenges with Text IQ

Go beyond the supervised machine learning techniques typically used in the legal industry with a combination of techniques—including social network analysis (SNA), natural language processing (NLP), and unsupervised and semi-supervised machine learning—to create a layer of structure on unstructured data. 

Identify sensitive information at scale and with little human input.

Overcome your biggest data privacy challenges with PI Detect

Identify patterns and context that traditional approaches miss with AI-powered workflows.

Reduce disclosure risks with a more accurate, consistent privilege review

Automate your first-pass privilege review and easily build privilege logs.

Respond to data breaches quickly, accurately, and intelligently.

Get an initial impact assessment within 48-72 hours of a breach.

How Does It Work?

  • Go beyond regular expressions and search terms and understand the structure of the document to more accurately identify personal information.

  • With several PI detectors available out-of-the-box and the ability to create custom detectors, you can ensure the PI in your data set gets found and is redacted.

  • Go beyond document analysis to develop a deeper understanding of individuals and their privilege status.

  • Get an initial impact assessment within 48-72 hours of a data breach. Generate notification lists to send out timely notices and avoid fines.