Quickly and easily detect highly charged sentiments within your documents.

Sentiment analysis is an artificial intelligence tool that scores documents on the likelihood that they contain negativity, anger, desire, or other emotions. Through this analysis, you can quickly and easily locate documents that show unusual or highly charged interactions between participants.

Set Your Legal Team Up for Success

Locate communications that need further investigation.

Build deeper context around the conversations and ideas that are central to a case or matter.

Detect a Variety of Sentiments

How Does It Work?

  • Access a machine learning model trained on thousands of samples of English-language text from multiple countries.

  • Review content of a document for sentences containing certain emotions, or “sentiments,” on a sentence-by-sentence level.

  • Use confidence scores to show the likelihood of a specific sentiment being present.

  • Quickly sort through results and find documents with the strongest or weakest sentiment predictions.