Gain valuable insights into your contracts, faster.

Accelerate your decision-making by transforming agreements into actionable, structured data in Relativity Contracts.

Find Actionable Insights Faster

Best-in-class viewer

Enjoy a user-friendly interface, designed to enhance the contract analysis process, increase accuracy, and help you make informed decisions quickly.

Streamline your review with powerful workflows

Take advantage of industry-leading document review capabilities to efficiently manage the entire project, from data processing to review and final deliverable.

Accelerate your analysis with AI

Leverage pre-built models, train your own custom models, or import results from external models to transform contracts into structured data.

Compare contracts with one click

Reduce risk and identify new opportunities with the compare feature – an easy way to pinpoint differences across sections or entire contracts.

Get everything you need for large-scale contract review and analysis right in RelativityOne

  • Text and Image Viewers: Intuitively interact with contracts via the Text or Image viewers and take advantage of robust capabilities in either mode.

  • Table of Contents Pane: Easily navigate the sections of a contract identified by segmentation analysis. Intuitively adjust section boundaries, headings, or types as needed.

  • Data Points Pane: Whether out-of-box or custom-built from the search bar, navigate to key data points in a contract right from the data points pane.

  • Definitions Pane: Find important definitions throughout a contract identified by definition extraction analysis.

  • Related Documents Pane: Display all the amendments, addendums, or exhibits that have been linked to the original contract.

  • Keyword Search: Easily find what you’re looking for with keyword search that provides context before and after your hits, as well as the section in which the hit was found.

  • Regular Expression Search: Build custom regular expressions and preview how they hit other contracts in your data set on the fly. Save to the data points pane and use to auto-populate fields across documents.

  • Send-to-Field: Quickly and accurately send text found in a document to a field on a layout. Relativity Contracts will also create a hyperlink between the field and the text location which is crucial for QC workflows.