Ramp Up Fast

By removing geographic constraints, you can assemble the best possible team in less time

Top Experts

Your access to highly specialized talent increased by using a virtual approach. Obtain & retain the expertise you need worldwide


Savings can be significant, as there are no physical location costs associated with virtually assembled review teams

Managed Document Review 

  • First Level Review
  • Quality Control
  • Privilege Review
  • Confidentiality Review
  • Redaction Review
  • Sensitive Data Review
  • Trade Secret Review
  • Privilege Logging


All virtual review activity is logged centrally on our secure data servers, ensuring every action is verifiable, audit ready, and defensible.

ID Verifications

Using secure multi-factor authentication, all team members are required to regularly verify their ID.

Proven Talent

By choosing our reviewers based on their past history of review success, we deploy proven, vetted attorney on every review project.

Quality Control

Our quality control measures ensure redundant checks at each stage of the review. No decision is left unverified.

ISO Certified

Wholly owned, never co-located data servers. Both ISO and SOC2 complaint. The highest standard of security.

Clean Data

Just like in traditional review, each session is logged and recorded independently. There is no data overlap among the team members.

The Virtual Review Process

1. Project Manager is Assigned

In collaboration with client and technology experts, the case-specific review plan is developed, including budgeting, staffing, workflow and technology requirements.

2. Budgets and Statement of Work are Finalized 

These outline the the workflow, the roles and responsibilities of each team member, the throughput targets, key deadlines and the total cost of review.

3. Team Training is Developed

Targets are set. Case-specific training materials are developed. Client communication plans and reports are finalized. Training includes data security practices. Productivity targets for each reviewer are set.

4. Team is Assembled

We pull from a pool of experienced reviewers with proven track records. They are quickly onboarded and the review is launched. 

5. Daily Status Checks

These include quality checks of the review, daily status reports, daily performance against expectations and a revised forecast for the timeline and budget.

6. Case Closure Summary is Sent to Client

Final decision log and privilege log is sent to the client. Final review project summary is sent to client, outlining key project statistics.

Meet the Expert: Amanda Cook, Director of Legal Discovery Consulting

With over 14 years of eDiscovery experience, Amanda formerly practiced as a Litigation Attorney and is licensed in three jurisdictions, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and the District of Columbia. Additionally, Amanda has achieved certification as a Relativity Certified Administrator and User, RelativityOne Pro and is a Certified eDiscovery Specialist. Amanda is a published thought leader with publications with organizations such as ACEDS. Additionally, she has spoke on various industry topics at law firms, bar associations, ACEDS chapters, and ILTA.