Say goodbye to spreadsheet-driven, manual, error-prone legal holds.

RelativityOne Legal Hold provides an easy workflow to assist individuals responsible for managing litigation holds and auditing compliance. Integration with HR systems, case/matter management systems, and an intuitive interface make it easy to assess litigation risk and track all key data in a single place. Streamlined and automated workflows mean any team—legal, IT, or HR—can run their unique legal hold processes in Relativity.

The Easiest, Most Flexible Way to Manage Legal Holds

Choose a template & go

Stop writing hold notices from scratch. Pick from a library of templates to get your communications out the door fast.

Automate notices, preservations, & more

Spend less time sending emails. Legal Hold automates nearly every communication.

Complete, defensible audit trails

Track every legal hold action – from hold notice to release – in one central location

Save Time at Every Step

  • Preserve custodian data. Mitigate the risk of data loss and the need to over-collect data, preserve-in-place functionality provides a defensible way to preserve data during a litigation hold.


  • Synchronize your custodian lists. Integrate our Legal Hold software with HR systems or corporate directories to add and track custodians automatically—ensuring you always have the most up-to-date employee data.


  • Expedite the interview process. Easily create customizable custodian questionnaires to gather critical information for your case. Quickly add conditional questions, send automatic alerts to IT, Legal and others, and review responses.


  • Utilize repeatable workflows. An easy-to-use interface and the ability to save and reuse workflows allows users across your organization to easily and effectively use Legal Hold