Acorn’s Managed Review Services Evaluated 16K Docs in 9 Days Over the Holidays

Published on February 4, 2021

Case Study

A boutique litigation firm needed to complete a review of approximately 16,000 documents for their client. The firm had a tight deadline and needed their review completed within the next 20 days, 4 of those days being holidays. In order to meet this deadline Acorn needed to set up and staff a managed review within 3 days of the kickoff call, so the document set could be reviewed for responsiveness, issues, and privilege screened to be ready for production. Additionally, the reviewers needed to be Illinois barred attorneys and due to budgetary constraints, the reviewers were capped at 40 hours a week. With such a tight turnaround time along with budgetary constraints, the litigation boutique firm turned to Acorn’s managed services to assist on the project.