A New Year: Security Review and How RelativityOne Could Be Right for You

Published on December 10, 2020

Zef Deda

Zef Deda is a business development manager at Acorn Legal Solutions. An e-discovery thought leader working with Am Law 100 firms and corporate legal departments, Zef plays a key role in leveraging his knowledge of advanced technology and phased project plans in helping clients solve complex issues. Zef positions himself as a collaborative thought partner to ensure the best outcomes through his understanding of his client’s problems, their end goals, and working closely with them to identify and ensure the best possible outcomes.

Going into 2021, some things remain uncertain, such as your data security, while others remain the same, such as the huge price tags on review. Many corporations and law firms have taken this pandemic as an opportunity to strengthen their security and as a result, hold their service partners to even higher standards. With RelativityOne’s industry-leading security standards, coupled with the speed and efficiency of their new Aero UI; RelativityOne allows us to now provide our clients with the personal service of a small vendor with all the highest security processes.

Security Considerations for How & Where You Host Data

Security has also been at the forefront of Discovery recently. The implementation of strict privacy regulations like the GDPR and CCPA add a very important driver for eDiscovery. According to Analyst at Gartner, more than 80% of data stored by companies is “dark data” in the form of unstructured, distributed data, which can become a significant legal and operational risks. With the global workforce now shifting to working remotely, this is of special concern as nearly all the company data maintained and used by remote employees is now in the form of “dark” or unstructured data. Are your providers adapting to today’s changing security environment? To find out, you should be asking your team, vendor, or other partners some simple questions, such as:
  • Do they have any training or education programs in place to prevent unauthorized access to your data through phishing?
  • Do they perform vulnerability assessments and penetration testing, and what were the results?
  • Do they have a Data Loss Prevention solution to proactively monitor whether your data is being exfiltrated in an unauthorized manner?
  • Is the data sandboxed, giving access only to authorized personnel?
  • Is user access secure with additional features such as two-factor authentication?
  • Have they developed a disaster recovery plan in the event that data theft does occur?
Security is a daunting project to get in front of. As you can see from these questions it’s not this black box and requires a lot of expertise to vet the strength of one solution versus another. Fortunately, there are standard security certificates you can use to avoid getting in the weeds. For example, FedRAMP is the highest data security standard required by the US government. In addition, organizations with ISO 27001 Type 2 certificates have reports generated and audited by third-party security experts which will explain a company’s security controls and should be available for your review. In eDiscovery, RelativityOne was built on Microsoft Azure, which meets more than 90 international and industry-specific compliance standards, to provide the industry’s most secure platform. Since it is available to us, you no longer need to choose between good service and data security.

Final Thoughts

RelativityOne has really allowed for not only stronger security, total cost savings and peace of mind to clients, but it has also allowed for providers like us to engage in more consulting and collaboration with our clients. Doing more with less is something I really believe will be the theme moving forward. Our world is changing and has required us all to adapt quickly, this should not be anything new to our industry. Being able to adapt as effectively and efficiently as possible, is now even more attainable with the right partner. If you haven’t found one already, there is never a better time than now to reach out and see if and how a trusted partner can help you start your matters on the right foot for 2021. In addition to being the most secure platform, you can also save up to 10% of your review costs just by switching. Stayed tuned for my next article to see how. ____________ Be Sure to Follow Me for the Latest Content and Subscribe For the Latest Acorn Insights! 

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