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Early Case Assessment can reduce the total volume of data that must be reviewed by as much as 76%. Your Project Advisor will employ various data filtering methodologies, such as date restrictions, keyword and domain filtering, and de-duplication, to put your documents into context and focus your review.

Early Case Assessment can take the form of iterative interactions with your Project Advisor or a self-guided use of Early Case Assessment tools. Your Project Advisor will help you choose the features and capabilities that best meet your requirements for pre-culling analysis.


Analytics enable you to reduce document review time by finding the most relevant documents faster. Acorn is a top 10 user of Relativity Analytics and works extensively with Story Engine and iConect XERA Analytics.

Our tools include: near de-duping, email threading, data visualization, foreign language detection, keyword expansion, concept clustering, similar document detection, and conceptual term searching.

Your Project Advisor can inform your use of Technology Assisted Review, which allows you to “teach” the review platform how to determine whether a document is responsive or not-responsive, automate the review process, prioritize key documents for early review, and cross-check contract reviewers coding. We work with Catalyst, Relativity, XERA and Story Engine Technology Assisted Review.


Acorn is a Best-in-Service provider of Relativity, Silver Partner of iConect XERA, and Alliance Partner of Catalyst Insight. We will work with you to identify the best platform for your needs.

Acorn offers award-winning processing in Nuix and other leading systems that can handle up to 1.5TB per day so that you can have your case up and running ASAP.

Because your Project Advisor will be deeply involved throughout the entire lifecycle of your case, they will be able to help you get the most out of any review platform by intelligently guiding your quality-control process and tailoring your workflow with an eye towards the future stages of your case.

“Last year, a client’s collection included four Microsoft Exchange servers, over 500 mailboxes and around 10 million emails and attachments. The client wasn’t sure how to handle that volume of data. Using our ECA tools, we de-duplicated the data and identified potentially relevant email threads within a date range using additional search terms and concept clustering. We reduced the amount of reviewable data to about 150,000 records. This saved the client weeks of review time.”

– Jim Havidic, Director of Data Technologies

Want to learn how to drastically reduce the number of documents you must review by up to 76%?

“A few months ago, our client had 1.5 TB of data to review (after culling it down from an original 38TB collection). Their team was going to take at least six weeks to complete the review. Using advanced analytics, we prioritized documents that were likely to be responsive in early review batches. As a result, the legal team developed a strong understanding of the evidence in the first week of review and had an extra five weeks to craft their legal strategy.”

– Josh Treat, Senior Project Advisor

Want to learn how to reduce your total cost of review?

“Earlier this year, a client noticed mid-review that the emails provided by their client were truncated. The problem appeared to be random. Using my years of industry experience and deep familiarity with all stages of eDiscovery, I was able to diagnose the problem as a collections issue and design a workflow to automate the replacement of the 20,000 truncated emails in a matter of days. It would have taken weeks to remedy manually.”

– Tracey Oldenburg, Director of eDiscovery

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To make sure your data is always secure, we put our data center in a super-secure nuclear bunker.

Our data center features 18-inch concrete walls, 2 primary power lines, 7 back-up generators and is designed to exceed standards for Category 5 hurricanes. Just getting in requires getting past 24×7 security coverage with biometric palm readers and video surveillance.

All data to and from the clients internet browsers is encrypted via 128 bit certificates once the user hits the Acorn login screens. All backup data is fully encrypted using AES 256 and SSL key-based encryption both during transmission and at rest, both on the local backup appliance and in Cloud storage. All data transferred using FTP is transferred using FTP over SSL protocols. Acorn also offers eTransfer which is a HIPAA compliant file transfer application that uses encryption via SSL, AES-256 file level encryption while in transmission, and the file is hash checked prior to sending and after the application receives the files.