Your Project Advisor has the eDiscovery experience you need to leverage analytics at every stage in your case—from Early Case Assessment through Processing through Review—to cut down on the volume of documents and craft the best review strategy.

Early Case Assessment

Early Case Assessment

Your Project Advisor will use the most proven early case assessment tools available. This reduces the total number of documents to be review by up to 76% and focuses your review on producing key high-level insights as early as possible.

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Acorn is a top 10 user of Relativity Analytics, such as conceptual term searching, email threading and near de-duping, to help you find key evidence efficiently. We are also expert users of other advanced analytic tools, including Nuix, XERA and Catalyst’s Continuous Active Learning predictive coding technologies.

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Data Hosting

Data Hosting for Review

You can rely on us to provide data hosting and 24x7x365 litigation support with your own expert team. Acorn is a Best-in-Service Relativity provider and is happy to discuss the suitability of the industry-leading alternative review platforms iConect XERA and Catalyst Insight.

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Smart. Efficient. Trusted.


Your Project Advisor leverages deep experience in eDiscovery technology and processes to save you time and money—while getting you the best result.

Your Project Advisor is more than a Project Manager.
Your Project Advisor will have years of education and experience in both technology and process so that they can tailor a strategy that is best for you and your case. We’ve worked multiple projects end-to-end. We’re not just here to “manage” your project, but to advise you on how to get the best results no matter what unique challenges you might face.

You have a direct line to your Project Advisor.
You directly call the people who implement your requests, resulting in faster turnaround time and better outcomes. No call centers. No silos. You will be assigned a single Project Advisor for your case, from beginning to end, as a single direct point of contact throughout and for every future case with us. Your Project Advisor will understand how you work, what you need, and how to respond to your unique needs quickly.

We are technology agnostic.
Because we are not tied to a single system, we can offer a full range of leading technology-assisted review tools. Your Project Advisor will leverage their years of deep experience in the industry. Our team discusses the changes in technology weekly so that they can apply what works best for your case.

You have the option to use our proprietary project management platform.
At Acorn, we have the best Project Advisors, and we have the technology to prove it: BLADE, our proprietary project management system. BLADE allows you to review job tickets and visualize the status of your project in real time.


Our only goal is that you get the best eDiscovery results. No matter the case or the challenges or your technology demands, our experts work with you to identify the best approach and best system to reduce data volumes, increase efficiencies and get the review done fast.

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Expertise and one-on-one support go hand in hand with client success.

  • “The staff at Acorn Legal is wonderful to work with on e-discovery matters. They respond quickly to all my questions and requests. Whether I’m trying to figure out the quickest or the most economical way to handle a document review/production or have a question regarding the best way to run a search in Relativity, they listen and provide valuable feedback. The work done by Josh Treat and his team make my life much easier and less stressful. I recommend Acorn Legal to anyone looking for an e-discovery vendor.”

    Litigation Paralegal at Miller Johnson

  • “Using key documents from our review, we used Analytics to prioritize newly received documents. Acorn guided us through the process quickly and efficiently.”

    Principal at Janet, Jenner & Suggs, LLC

  • “In my experience, Josh Treat and his team at Acorn Legal Solutions are very responsive and knowledgeable about all aspects of Relativity. On a number of occasions we have given them very short turnaround times or tricky requests and Acorn was able to meet those turnaround times and handle the tricky requests.”

    Chris Bojar, Litigation Support Manager at Barack Ferrazzano